Fitness: What You Need To Know About Rest Days

When it comes to fitness and bodybuilding, you are likely to come about different terms that you may not understand. One such term is ‘rest day’. What exactly is it and what is it all about? Below, get these questions, and more, answered for you.

What are rest days?
These are particular days that you have set aside for rest. That is, these are days when you plan not to engage in any form of workout whatsoever. The term is especially popular on social media. You may already be enjoying such days without knowing it. In fact, resting days have been around for as long as fitness and bodybuilding have been around.

Are resting days important?
They are important. They are not an excuse for laziness or complacency. They are designed to give you a break from the usual training regimen you are used to. This gives you a time to build up your stamina so that you can head back into the gym re-energized. They also offer you some free time to do other things with yourself. After all, your life does not, and should not, revolve around the gym. You can go swimming, you can meet up with friends, etc. And lastly, but most importantly, these days give your body the opportunity to heal and grow which is very important.

Should one have a rest day?
One should absolutely have a rest day. Too much of anything is bad for your body and health. And that applies to working out as well. Applied well, such days will improve your fitness regimen as opposed to the opposite.

It is not mandatory; however, one could hit the gym every single day of the week without taking a break. However, if you do so, you may end up feeling fatigued after some time. You may even quit training because your body can’t handle it.

How many days of rest does one need?
As said earlier, too much of anything is bad for you. Too much rest is not good for your workout timetable as well. The ideal rest period should be one or two rest days a week. These days should be spaced out such that they are not continuous. The number of resting days you should have will depend on the level of training you’re on. Beginners can have 2-3 resting days, intermediate trainers can have 1-2 days, and pro trainers just need one day of rest.

Does you fitness program feature resting days? If not, plan on creating room for some from today.