Jogging May Be Your Key To Weight Loss

Everyone knows that walking is a good cardiovascular exercise for a beginner, but it may not be the best way for a person to get their heart into shape. If someone wants to give their heart an intense workout without having to invest in expensive equipment, going for a run may be the best way to do it. Although run might be the wrong word in this guess. Someone who engages in running at a slower speed is not interested in putting too much pressure on her joints. She just wants to get her heart rate up. This may help someone lose weight a little faster.

Why does jogging help someone lose weight faster than walking? It is not because one exercise is better than the other. Both exercises can help someone lose weight. A person’s age and overall health may determine which one is better for him or her, but there is a simple answer. Jogging burns more calories than its slower counterpart. It also gets the heart rate up faster. This does not mean that a person will lose fat faster, but that the fat burning and the cardio rates are a bit more complicated. When someone wants to do a cardio workout, they want to make the heart muscle stronger.

All that a person needs to get starting in jogging is a good pair of sneakers and a place to do it. There are plenty of places where a person can do this. Some cities or towns even provide jogging tracks for the individual. As long as someone has access to a safe neighborhood, they can get started by heading out the door. If someone wants to make sure they can engage in jogging in inclement weather, they may wish to purchase a treadmill. The weight loss equipment is not necessary, however.